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10 Tips To Help You To Organise Your Handbag And Purse

Whether you’re still working from home or now heading out every day to work, you’re probably still reaching into your handbag numerous times a day for something you can’t get through the day without.

If you’re like me, you lug around everything you think there’s the remotest chance you might need to use while you’re out, either for the whole day or just for a quick pop to the local shops.

The good thing about this bag strategy is that you’re always prepared for every eventuality. The bad news is that your shoulders ache with the heavy load and due to the amount of stuff packed into your bag it can take forever to find that oh so essential item that you just know is ‘in here somewhere’.

But by taking a little time and applying some reasoning to what you’re carrying around and why you can make a big difference to your daily load.



Here are my top tips for a tidier (and hopefully lighter) bag.

1. Start by taking everything out of your bag. Remember to check any interior or exterior pockets. Once everything is out it’s a good idea to turn your bag upside down and give it a good shake, either outside or over the rubbish bin. This should dislodge any invisible small items and dust caught in the lining.

2. Sort everything out into groups. Major items such as a purse, phone or a make-up bag can be put to one side for now. Check through what else you’ve been carrying around with you. Chances are you no longer need some seasonal items that have been in your bag from the previous season. Do you still need those gloves or is it sunglasses weather now? Needless to say, a fold-up brolly is a handbag essential all year round.

3. Throw the rubbish away. Used tissues, old receipts (worth checking these before you bin them just in case they’re for something important), sweet wrappers, broken pens.

4. Put things away. Extra pairs of socks or tights. Books and magazines you’ve either read or been meaning to read?

5. Sort out your make up! This could be another complete article as everyone has very different views on how much make-up and skincare is required on a daily basis but take the time to go through the make-up you’re carrying in your handbag. Maybe put together a basic essentials kit that can be packed into a smaller make-up bag that fits neatly in your bag and leave the rest at home.

6. Review the contents of your purse or wallet. This is often where a lot of the surplus weight can be in a handbag or backpack. We tend to stuff our purses and wallets with loyalty cards and receipts until they are bursting at the seams. Lots of purses have plenty of sections for cards, coins, notes and receipts. Try to only carry as much as your purse can comfortably hold. Keep a coin jar and a receipt box at home or maybe keep some pouches in your car so that you can empty out your purse as you go or top up with coins as you need them.

7. Consider packing a smaller pouch bag, perhaps with a detachable shoulder strap, inside your larger daily handbag or backpack. This should be large enough to take your purse, phone, keys and a fold-up shopping bag. This is the bag you can grab when you need to go on a quick trip either from your home or you can take this bag with you and leave your large bag securely locked and out of sight in your car.

8. Try using a separate card holder and purse. You may only need one or two payment cards and perhaps a driving licence or other ID for some of your trips and can leave your larger purse behind.

9. Look for purses, wallets and pouches in colours and patterns that contrast to the lining of your bag. This will make them easier to see and quicker to find.

10. Next time you need a new handbag or backpack look for one with interior and exterior pockets as these will make keeping everything in place and easy to find much easier.

Happy Organising!

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