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How to go hands-free in style.

I’ve recently been converted to backpack use. Having always been a crossbody bag kind of a girl I decided I couldn’t ignore the backpack trend for ever and decided to take a couple of styles for a test run. And do you know what? I’m hooked.

There are various things to consider when seeking the perfect backpack. Size is top of my list. Just how much ‘stuff’ can I fit in there? And then of course, how comfortable does it feel with my daily essentials strapped on my back rather than slung across my body?

Fabrication plays a part in the decision making process. Nylon is lightweight, water-resistant and easy to clean. Faux Leather, or Vegan Leather as it’s more widely becoming known is a very attractive and practical alternative to real leather and is generally more accessible in price terms with a wide offer of sizes, styles and colours available. But for those who like a bit of luxe and are prepared to get the leather polish or suede brush out from time to time there are some gorgeous real leather options out there. Inevitably you’ll pay more for real leather, but if you opt for a classic shade such as Tan, Grey or Blue you should have a backpack you can return to season after season.

I narrowed my list of possibles down to 3 favourites

  • Ollie & Nic’s Darcey Backpack: I had a choice of colours and went for the light grey version. A great size for the amount I carry on a daily basis. Made from a really good looking faux leather the straps were wide and easy to adjust so that the backpack sat comfortably on my back.
  • The Bantry B by Roka: This brand is taking the UK by storm with its collection of nylon utility styled backpacks and bags. The Bantry B style is a great everyday backpack. Not too large but the soft nylon has plenty of give and there was ample room for my purse, phone, make-up bag and a water bottle.
  • Hill & How’s Real Leather Dual Style Backpack: This was my favourite. Made from a soft cow suede with toning leather for the front pocket and straps, it has two handles that you can use to hold the bag in your hands. When is a backpack not a backpack? I carried this backpack on one shoulder most of the time which worked well for me due to it having a zip pocket on the back which I found to be the perfect place for my ‘phone.

Check out these and other backpack styles:


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