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Although Ollie & Nic is a small business we are making a conscious effort to make sure that our working practices contribute to the care of our planet.

By constantly listening to and learning from individuals through to large corporations we are taking steps to improve the way we work.

As an online business we are aware of the amount of packaging we use sending orders out to our customers. We reuse packing materials whenever possible and when we do need to purchase new packaging, we try to work with suppliers who offer reusable and recyclable products.

We keep our energy consumption to a minimum and have installed low energy lighting in our warehouse and distribution centre.

Our clothing suppliers are aware of our preference for garments made from more sustainable raw materials such as organic cotton and wood based fibres such a viscose.

We are designing & developing handbag collections manufactured from materials that are produced using recycled plastic bottles blended with organic cotton and other recyclable and sustainable materials such as water based and solvent free polyurethane.

We may be small, but our aim will continue to be to reduce our impact on the environment by reducing our consumption of resources and continuing to reduce waste across all areas of our business.

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