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Trying to decide how to style your hair depends on many things. The length and type of hair you have being the main considerations.

We’ve all spent time in front of a mirror pulling our hair around in the hope of finding the perfect style. A ponytail, a messy bun, perhaps a fringe?

But usually, our hair has a mind of its own and whatever we think we would like to do with it and how we fantasise about it looking, the reality is its probably going to stay pretty much as it’s always been.

Changing the type of hair you have isn’t really an option whether yours is straight, curly, fine or thick, but how you style it is down to you.

We’ve all been missing regular visits to our favourite hairdresser for a cut, colour or both, but hopefully that’s going to change very soon.

Meanwhile the trend for Hair Accessories to style and adorn your locks shows no sign of going away any time soon.

Here are out Top 3 Hair Accessories to style your hair before and after that long-awaited trim!


An obvious choice if you want to wear your hair down is a headband. Available in lots of colours and fabrics it’s easy to find one to compliment your hair colour and to act as a highlight to your outfit. A headband should be comfortable enough to wear all day so choose one that is wrapped in fabric, preferably with some extra padding at the ends where it sits behind your ears. Headbands work really well with long or short hair and as well as looking good they’re great for keeping your hair out of your eyes!


These are a softer alternative to a headband. Slipping onto your hair with an elasticated section that sits securely underneath the back of your hair a bandeau can give a softer look to your hair style. Choose a style in pretty floral or a bold animal print to add some colour and pattern to your look.


There’s more to a scrunchie than keeping your hair out of the way when you’re going for a run or getting stuck into the housework! Available in various sizes the larger styles can be twisted around several times and are good for holding thicker hair in pace. Smaller versions are perfect for thinner hair and work well as the finishing touch at the bottom of plaits. The scarf scrunchie is becoming more and more popular as it gives all the practicality of a scrunchie with the added bonus of scarf tails which look pretty trailing down beside a ponytail.

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