Roka Finchley A Large - Black


We're delighted to have discovered the Roka collection of nylon bags. Every bag combines style with durability. The Finchley A Large is an “All Purpose” designed bag. Get around the city with lots of stuff including your 17” laptop, your gym clothing, water bottle, lunch and whatever you pick up all day. It just fits in.

The outer material is made from a treated cotton polyester blend which passes a 3 stage coating process which provides firmness, a matte finish and makes it water resistant. The base is an extra coated canvas making it waterproof. The straps are cotton webbing which becomes really soft and comfy with use. The hardware is galvanized metal and the zips are coloured and chunky which provides character and charm. The front pocket has a concealed chunky zip.

  • Outer material: Proofed matte cotton polyester (x3 coating)
  • Base: Proofed coated canvas (x3 coating)
  • Lining: Matte nylon lining.
  • Hardware: Galvanized metal.
  • Straps: Cotton webbing. 
  • Inside: Lightly padded pocket for i-pad and a chunky zipped pocket.
  • Padded back for extra comfort.
  • Dimensions: 40cm x 38cm x 13cm 
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