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    Welcome to my Wardrobe!

    Welcome to my Wardrobe! When I launched the Ollie & Nic brand in 2002 I drew up a list of all the different types of products I thought we could sell. With a background in fashion buying and having already established a successful business selling handbags and other fashion accessories to maj... View Post
  • | Jane Hill

    Flapjacks, why not!?

    Quick, Easy & Delicious Now, I've never been a super baker but I thought it's about time to give it a go! As much as I enjoy cake and would love to make a Victoria Sponge, I've had too much recently, so instead we went for flapjacks. They're super quick, easy & incredibly delicious. All y... View Post
  • | Jane Hill

    If you can't get out, get organised...

    10 Tips To Help You To Organise Your Handbag And Purse Whether you’re working from home or still heading out every day to work providing an essential service, you’re probably still reaching into your handbag numerous times a day for something you can’t get through the day without. If you’re like ... View Post